At Omega Flooring LTD, we get that question a lot. It is a not-uncommon question that new homeowners ask when they are ready for new floors. Here are four tips that we have for you when choosing new floors.

Choosing new flooring can be easy

With so many options to choose from, it can seem overwhelming at first, what kind of floor you want. Here are some simple steps you can go through to figure it out.

1. Your priority is your budget. First, you need to set a definite price on what you are willing to spend on your flooring. This allows you to see if you can afford any floor or only those in a set range. In the end, a budget will save you money as you operate within that range.

2. Have a list of requirements. Where is the new floor going in your home? Are there specifics about the flooring that you have? Are there any non-negotiables? Are there factors about the floor that you can’t live without? For example, you might consider durability, stain resistance, hypoallergenic fibers, and extended lifespan if you look at carpeting.

3. The next step involves the color and style of the floor. Now that you have selected flooring for your particular room, you can vary it with colors and get it to match the décor of your house.

4. Finally, discover all that you can about the installation process. How long will it take? Do you have to move anything out of the room before the installation? You might want to consider your precious items, so they don't accidentally get broken.

We can help

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