Congratulations, you’ve decided on wood flooring. This flooring will bring elegance and style to your home. But are you wondering how long it will last? We here at Omega Flooring LTD can answer your questions about hardwood floors.

The lifespan varies

Solid hardwood flooring has the most extended lifespan of all flooring. It averages at least 100 years. But it has been known to far exceed this. When you visit a historic building from the 1700s or early 1800s, you may find a wood floor that has survived 200 years!

Engineered hardwood floors have an average of 30 years that they can last. This is even in areas where solid hardwood cannot go. This type of hardwood has a veneer layer of the desired species on top, with crosswise layered plywood underneath. It is usually topped off with a wear layer that adds to the durability and maintenance of the flooring.

Another factor that plays into the longevity of the flooring is how often you can refinish it. You can refinish solid hardwood several times. This is where they sand off the top layer of the wood and apply new stains to the floor to beautify it. Refinishing a floor can add years of life to it.

Come to us when you’re ready for a hardwood floor

Are you afraid that you will pick the wrong product or installation methods when choosing a hardwood flooring store? Don’t be. Omega Flooring LTD is a superior hardwood flooring company. Our staff works hard to understand what you are looking for on a hardwood floor. We can handle any project of any size.

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