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Carpet is ideal for spaces that range from stairs to play areas

It is perfect for so many spaces in a home. In a child’s play area, it warms the floor and cushions falls. It provides traction on stairs, and a cozy spot to lounge in front of a fireplace. It provides comfort underfoot wherever it’s installed. Family-owned Omega Flooring is a carpet store in Lethbridge, AB that serves customers in Lethbridge, AB, Calgary, AB, Coaldale, AB, CoalHurst, AB, and Crowsnest Pass, AB. We can satisfy all of your carpet flooring needs.

Nylon and more

Nylon is the most popular fiber, and for good reason. This resilient fiber can retain it's 'as new' look years after installation. Colors do not fade, and fibers bounce back after being pressed down by heavy electronics or furniture. Most nylon brands receive treatments in the factory that make them resistant to stains. Expect nylon brands to last up to 20 years with proper care.

Triexta is a newer synthetic fiber that is proving to be as tough and durable as nylon. Triexta is inherently stain-resistant, and some brands include renewable corn glucose in place of petroleum. Olefin, which is resistant to moisture and mildew, is another rugged fiber. Polyester mimics wool, the top of the line fiber. While more costly than synthetic fibers, dirt does not become embedded in soft and luxurious wool because of its makeup.

Judging durability

Three primary factors determine broadloom durability: fiber, twist, and density. It is crafted by sewing loops of fiber on a backing. The tips of the loops can be cut to create various styles. With cut pile, fibers are twisted, or turned, for added durability. The best brands have a 6.0 TPI, or turns per inch. A Loop pile is more durable than a cut pile. Pile describes the length of the individual fibers as well as the fiber thickness.

When comparing samples, bend them in a U shape, with the tufts facing outward. The backing will barely be visible with a high-quality product. Or put a finger into the tufts and try to touch the backing. It will be hard to do if it is dense. Density increases a carpet's lifespan since it combats pile crush. A dense carpet is a must-have in high traffic areas.

It’s easy to get new carpet flooring in Lethbridge, AB. We have been bringing a wide variety of flooring to Lethbridge, AB, Calgary, AB, Coaldale, AB, CoalHurst, AB, and Crowsnest Pass, AB since 1996. You can get your carpet upgrade started by visiting our showroom and speaking to our friendly flooring specialists.