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The universal solvent just met its match: Vinyl flooring

They say that given time, water can wear through just about anything. We think that we have found flooring that water cannot wear through, no matter how much time you give it. Further, what is best about it is that it is attractive enough that you may just want to put it in every room of your house.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring is made to imitate the look of various hardwoods like oak, walnut, maple, and cherry. Note, we are not just talking about looks, but these pieces of material are textured to match the grain patterns that they carry. At a casual glance, a guest might not know the difference.


Luxury vinyl tiles are made to imitate the look of porcelain, ceramic, and stone flooring. Like their wood cousins, the manufacturing of these floors includes a process that gives them texture to feel like the real thing. Also, like their cousins, a casual observer might not know the difference apart from the fact that these floors are somewhat softer underfoot and are warmer in the wintertime.


Both planks and tiles are designed to be completely waterproof. That means that water will not harm, stain, fade, warp, or swell the material; in other words, it will not be ruined whether you find yourself with a small spill or with a very large one. It also means that water will not pass through this material and harm your subfloor. As the pieces are installed, they seal together giving you a barrier that is impregnable to moisture through and through.


Waterproofing your kitchen and bathroom floors won’t be the only reason that you may want a luxury vinyl flooring. These materials are highly resistant to scuffing and scratching. Even if a scratch takes place, in most cases the scratches will blend into the texture of the floor itself. That means these floors can withstand the traffic of entertaining guests as well as the roughhousing of young boys in their bedroom. When installed properly, this flooring will give you many years of life. What is better news is that our professional installers have many years of experience that will bring a flawless installation to your home.

We, at Omega Flooring, are your source for vinyl flooring in southern Alberta. We serve the areas of Lethbridge, AB, Calgary, AB, Coaldale, AB, CoalHurst, AB, Crowsnest Pass, AB, and everywhere in between, so give us a call or stop by. One of our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to show you all the options available in this remarkable vinyl flooring. We think you will be glad you did.