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Let the sunshine in…or not! Window treatments

As the old song goes, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy; sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.” Sometimes it is the best thing in the world to let the sunshine into our rooms, warming the whole area with its soft heat. However, sometimes you don’t want the heat or glare that the sunshine can bring. What is the solution that gives you control? The solution is a set of quality blinds or shades, which puts the sunshine under your power.

The best products made locally

To give you the very best options in window treatments, we have partnered with Blinds by Vertican, a local company that manufactures right here in Alberta. You are not only placing great quality products in your home, but you are also helping to support a local company and its employees. It is a “win-win” situation here in Lethbridge, AB.

Blinds or shades

Window blinds are what we would call “hard treatments” for your windows. They are made from solid materials like wood, vinyl, or metal and they come in either 1” or 2” widths. These materials can be raised to allow for full sunshine to come in, but when lowered, the louvers can be tilted to restrict the sunshine that can enter the room.

Shades are made up of a solid material that is sometimes opaque and sometimes somewhat translucent. These can be raised or lowered, but are often left in the lowered position to create a certain ambiance in the room itself. We even offer cellular shades, where two layers of material are used to create a kind of honeycomb pattern between the layers. Not only does this block light, but the air gap between the layers adds another level of insulation to your room.

Beauty, benefits, and more

All of our blinds are made to complement the look and design of your rooms. If you are choosing flooring for your room as well, we can help you find a window treatment to match or blend with the floor as well as with wall colors and the color of your furniture. Our experienced designers will make sure that the measurements are perfect and our professional installers will make sure you get a perfect fit for your window every time.

Plus, as blinds control the amount of sunlight that can come into your room, they will also help you insulate. Many customers find that their heating and cooling bills are reduced after the installation of a quality set of window blinds. And, for those who like their home automated, many of our products are designed to raise or lower automatically, with the push of a button.

At Omega Flooring, we are your source for quality window treatments in Lethbridge, AB. We also serve the surrounding areas of Lethbridge, AB, Calgary, AB, Coaldale, AB, CoalHurst, AB, and Crowsnest Pass, AB. Give us a call or stop into our showroom; one of our designers will be happy to talk with you about all of your window treatment options.